File Transfer Software
File Transfer Software

Basic FTP or file transfer software is fine if you have a few users sending a few files each week, but as data volumes and users increase so do the headaches that go along with managing an FTP server and supporting its users. Compounding this problem, many users resort to Gmail or to send sensitive data, leaving IT without any visibility or control into what is being sent or who is sending it.

Eventually, IT administrators and users realize that their low-cost FTP solution is actually costing them tens of thousands per year in lost productivity and worse. There are, however, competitively price alternatives that address these issues � the trick is knowing what�s right for your company.

Selecting Best-in-Class Managed File Transfer What are some of the characteristics you should be considering in the purchase of a managed file transfer system? Some of capabilities provided by best-in-class Managed File Transfer solutions are shown below.
This whitepaper will help you decide which requirements will matter most in your environment.

- Reliable, fast delivery
- Supports files of virtually any size
- Easy-to-use interfaces requiring little or no training
- Offers complete logging and tracking to allow users to track mission-critical file transfers
- Workflow capabilities for automating key business processes

Free White Paper: The Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a File Transfer Solution.

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